Cleaning cellular blinds

Ever wonder how to clean your cellular blinds?

Some fabrics can be spot cleaned with a damp white rag.   Spot test a small inconspicuous areas and then dab lightly, never scrub.   White is best so you don’t get any accidental transfer of dye to your blinds.   Some fabrics need to be ultrasonically cleaned by a professional.   Call the professional who you purchased them from to get the exact recommendation for your fabric.

An easy way to remove that errant bug that crawls in the cells is to use a can of compressed air (the same type you would use on your computer keyboard).

For dusting use the brush attachment to your vacume cleaner.

Cleaning protects the value of your investment and thats exactly what blinds are for your home, an investment in your property.   Thanks for tuning in to the Blinds of Bozeman blog.

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